Amnesty Uppsala's looking for human rights activists!

Amnesty International, Uppsala Distrikt

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Amnesty International’s Uppsala District is looking for human rights activists! We live in an increasingly polarised time with shrinking space for human rights. So, it’s more important than ever to fight together against human rights violations all over the world!

In Uppsala, there are three English speaking Amnesty groups. We have the Student Group, which only is open to students at the university. They organize pub quizes, pub crawls and more at the nations, they do campaigns at the different campuses, and they work specifically with violations against students. We also have the Group for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which welcomes anyone who is intrested in ESC issues. That might include women’s rights, lgbtqi-rights, minorities, company’s responsibilities etc. They write letters to authorities, organize campaigns and more. At the moment they work with a case in Guatemala.

Finally, we also have the Women’s Rights Group. They focus solely on issues regarding women’s rights, and have organized a lot of lectures and movie nights. They also usually do something fun during holidays, such as Amnesty Trick’n Treating, or Amnesty Easter Eggs.

Within these groups you’ll have, as an activist, great possibilities to work in the form and with the intensity that suit you. You’ll learn a great deal about human rights issues, as well as getting practiacal training in project leadership and team work. Moreover, you’ll of course get the oppotunity to meet a bunch of super chill activists!

Amnesty International is one of the biggest human rights organization, with more than 7 million members worldwide. We fight for human rights as they are defined by the UN.

Välkommen att gå med i Amnesty Uppsala: en del av människorättsrörelsen!

Specifika önskemål eller information: 
You don't need any specific education or experience; we'll teach you everything you need to know!
1 hour per week.
När och var genomförs uppdraget: 
The groups usually meet once every second week during evenings and/or week-ends somewhere in Uppsala. Between these meetings, the group members work independently.
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Anmäl intresse