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DASA Account Manager

Agile Gothenburg

Where?Göteborg / Distansuppdrag
How?Kontinuerligt uppdrag
Why?Social gemenskap, Sysselsättning och arbete, Upplysning och folkbildning
What?Evenemangsuppgifter, Försäljning, Ledarskap och samordning

DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) is an independent and open, members driven association supporting the development of DevOps training and certification to the global market.

Agile Gothenburg was named a DASA Forerunner ( https://www.devopsagileskills.org/members/forerunners). Agile Gothenburg will be focusing on building market awareness and thought leadership for companies looking to adopt DevOps in the Nordic region.

We are looking for an account manager who is eager to help us in maintaining the DASA account.


  • Serve as the point of contact for all matters related to the DASA account
  • Understand (and likely recite) the DASA marketing enablement tools
  • Find and generate business leads
  • Establish strong relationships with clients and ensure their overall satisfaction with DASA program and services
  • Keep track of the account performance


  • Comfortable with working with a virtual team
  • Comfortable with pitching sales
  • Comfortable with listening, negotiating, and lobbying
  • Comfortable with developing and engaging in clear kinds of communication
  • Comfortable with social media work and Google Suite apps
  • Eager to develop in management, leadership, and other specialties of Agile Gothenburg

Seen as merit
Informed about the history of the DevOps movement and the structure of DevOps training programs (from DASA, DOI, and EXIN)

Specific requirements and information: 
What you get: The chance to explore the local, regional, and international communities of management practitioners and thought leaders The chance to interact with and learn from the pundits in management and leadership Free access to a first-class education platform with carefully chosen resources on an array of management subjects Mentorship of your training and development
Minimum time commitment: 
Expected hours per month: Varies to a maximum of 8 hours
When and where will the volunteering take place: 
Location: Anywhere on Earth
Agile Gothenburg
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