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Amnesty International's Business and Human Rights Group in Lund is looking for new active members to fight for human rights!

Amnesty International

When?Dag, Helg, Kväll/Natt
How?Kontinuerligt uppdrag
Why?Mänskliga rättigheter, Politisk påverkan, Upplysning och folkbildning
What?Evenemangsuppgifter, Information och kommunikation, Opinionsbildning/aktivism

The Amnesty Business and Human Rights group in Lund is a group with the aim of spreading awareness about climate change and its implications on human rights. Our endeavour includes spreading awareness of oil pollution in the Niger Delta where Shell is among the main responsible actors. So far we have been organizing lectures with researchers from Lund University, a film screening, ‘fikas’ and written a debate article. The work is very flexible and we are always open to different approaches in attaining our aim. The group mainly consist of international students from Lund University but we welcome anyone who is interested and speaks English.

If you're interested in human rights and climate change, contact us below!

Specific requirements and information: 
The group will be conducting political advocacy, affect public opinion and spread awareness. Whether you're an expert on human rights or just curious about the topic, this is the perfect opportunity to learn more! We offer various courses including Amnesty ABC, our introductory course primarily for new activists within Amnesty, who's new to the organisation. The course is separated into three parts. The first one introduces basic information about Amnesty, and the other two give you more in-depth knowledge. Being active in Amnesty is free, the only cost is our membership fee on 240 SEK/year.
Minimum time commitment: 
You decide in the group which level of engagement and time you want to put in, though it should be enough to be a productive group.
When and where will the volunteering take place: 
Lund, the assignment is continuous as of now.
Amnesty International
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