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Creative and passionate about children’s rights? Join us and develop your own project to raise funds to improve the living conditions of street children in Uganda!

Children of Ssuubi - Sweden

When?Dag, Helg, Kväll/Natt
How?Engångsuppdrag, Kontinuerligt uppdrag
Why?Barn och ungdom​, Ekonomisk/social utsatthet, Internationellt arbete i Sverige
What?Insamling, Kreativa uppdrag, Övrigt

Become a volunteer with Children of Ssuubi and start your own activity or project anywhere in Sweden to help us raising funds entitled to improve the living conditions of children on the streets of Kampala.

We believe that every child has the right to a family. Therefore, a big part of our work is to get to know the child’s story and work towards resettlement back to the family.

Through various programmes including hygiene, activities, lessons, health care, counseling, and food, we aim to improve the conditions of children living on the streets.

You would like to help us raising money which ensures a smooth project run? Then get creative and start thinking about an activity which will help you to raise funds for Children of Ssuubi.

For example, you could clear out your basement and organise a flea market or discover your baking/cooking talents and sell some treats, home-baked goods or savoury snacks. Not such a fan of baking/cooking but a good at sports? Then mobilise your local team/club and organise a charity tournament or performance. Not a sportsperson either but you enjoy needle work? Then take out your sewing machine or knitting needles and create some beautiful handmade accessories.

Those are just some ideas and past activities. We are sure you come up with new ones! Get creative and join us today!

Specific requirements and information: 
Feel free to reach out to our volunteer coordinators to get more information on how to get involved and start your project! Check out: http://childrenofssuubi.com and become a part of the Ssuubi family!
Minimum time commitment: 
The time of commitment varies depending on the idea/activity you are carrying out
When and where will the volunteering take place: 
Basically anywhere. You can develop a project/activity/idea on your own, from a group with friends/relatives or find people whom you share a common idea with at your school, university, club or work place. When thinking about your project you can choose how active you wish to be and how much responsibility you wish to take on to raise funds.
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