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Help undocumented refugees in Uppsala

Ingen Människa är Illegal, Uppsala

When?Helg, Kväll/Natt
How?Kontinuerligt uppdrag
Why?Integration och asylsökande, Mänskliga rättigheter, Politisk påverkan
What?Evenemangsuppgifter, Opinionsbildning/aktivism, Stöd, hjälp och rådgivning

The network No One is Illegal is working to practically support the people who have been forced to go underground after having their asylum application denied. No One is Illegal believe in and fight for a world without national borders, a world where no one is illegal.

In Uppsala, we support around 20 people; young people, adults and families with children. We help find housing, pay rent, help with healthcare or other vital contacts and provide social support to those who need it. All of us who are involved in the network do so completely voluntarily and without payment.

As a volunteer, you become part of a group that works together to support our contacts and those who need help from us.
One part of the work we do is to support and be a contact person for those we support. Then you have regular contact and send information and help between the network and the people we support.
Another important part is organizing events, partly to spread knowledge about our cause, but especially to raise money to help our contacts with food, rent and healthcare. Events we have had before are brunches, fikas, poetry nights and Christmas market, but all ideas are welcome!

Specific requirements and information: 
No previous experience is needed, we gladly welcome English-speaking volunteers!
Minimum time commitment: 
You decide how often you can come, but two events a month.
When and where will the volunteering take place: 
We have a meeting once a month when we talk about if there are any contacts who need extra support and plan upcoming events.
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