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Would you like to be a volunteer in our Second hand store?

Stadsmissionen, Göteborg

When?Dag, Helg
How?Kontinuerligt uppdrag
Why?Ekonomisk/social utsatthet, Miljö och natur, Sysselsättning och arbete
What?Försäljning, Praktiska uppgifter

Your task as a volunteer is to help out with practical stuff in the store. Sometimes there is a specific job like testing electrical products or helping out with the toys in the store or the porcelain. Our stores are located in the eastern part of the city; Bellevue and Kretsloppsparken Alelyckan.

Maybe our second hand stores is the best example of how we are creating value at different stages!

Together with you we are making an effort for the environment thru recycling and reuse. To make it easier for our donators and to save the environment we also pick up thing at peoples homes with our trucks. Also, the surplus from our stores are put into our work for people with different kind of issues.

In our stores you`ll find everything from vintage, fashion, furniture to kitchen utensils. In our second hand-stores the environment, the donators, the customers, the employees, the temporary workers and the volunteers is all part of a positive cycle where everyone is a winner.

If you are interested in being a volunteer, we warmly welcome you to send in your application!

Specific requirements and information: 
As a Stadsmissionen volunteer you must be 18 years or older and a resident in Sweden. You will be interviewed and there is also a introduction evening (in english) before you begin.
Minimum time commitment: 
If you can come once a week, we are very happy but if you can come every other week that is also fine.
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When and where will the volunteering take place: 
The volunteer job is a 3-5 hours a week. Weekends is preferred but there is also a need for volunteers during other days at Ebbes hörna, Bellevue or Alelyckan.
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