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When?Dag, Helg
Why?Kultur, Social gemenskap, Upplysning och folkbildning
What?Evenemangsuppgifter, Kreativa uppdrag, Praktiska uppgifter

At the Wikimania 2019 conference in Stockholm, a thousand Wikimedians, free knowledge leaders and partners from the whole world will meet to discuss how free knowledge can contribute to sustainable development. In a dozen of rooms, workshops, panels, seminars and lectures will take place mapping out the future of our work. This will not be possible without enthusiastic volunteers, taking care of each room, making sure all session leaders are at the right spot at the right time, that the rooms are in order, that the technology works and that the attendees are happy. Is this person you?

Specific requirements and information: 
You feel comfortable at speaking English, you like being among people and have a happy smile on your face. Ideally, you think that free knowledge and sustainable development are important topics, and in the best of world, volunteering will not only be a time of work but an opportunity to learn, meet and develop. All Room Angels will be offered CPR-training, an introduction to the Wikimedia movement and to the conference, and will be required to attend a training on 13 August.
Minimum time commitment: 
12-19 August, with focus on 14-18 August. At least eight hours in total, but ideally more.
When and where will the volunteering take place: 
14-18 August at Stockholm University, Stockholm
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