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This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots – the event that marked the beginning of today’s pride celebrations. Between 12th and 16th of July, West Pride will line the streets of Gothenburg with more than 500 rainbow flags and will host 250 events to carry pride celebrations even further. To make it all happen, we need your help!

Do you want to join our large volunteer family with over 200 committed and driven volunteers who together make West Pride 2019 possible? Together we make Gothenburg a city that is open for everyone for one week during which we focus on the rights of LGBTQIA+ individuals. We celebrate our victories, learn from one another, build communities and create change for the future.

As a volunteer at West Pride, you get to participate in a training with a focus on LGBTQIA+ issues, make new friends, get volunteering experience, obtain a participation certificate as well as receive a goodie bag.


At West Pride, volunteers always work in pairs. West Pride aims to offer all volunteers assignments that best fits your skills and where we can see your previous experiences and knowledge shine. That is why we encourage you to fill in the application form as much as you can so that we can easily place you to assignments that best fit your profile.

West Pride is divided into 8 areas with different responsibilities.

Pride house: Main responsibilities include guiding visitors to the right events and helping programme participants with various practical issues. At pride house you get to work indoors.

Info center: Main responsibilities include being the face of West Pride and answering questions from the visitors. Info center also arranges a few activities in its tent. There are two info centers which are located at two different places: one is at the entrance to the Pride Park and the other is in Nordstan.

Security: Responsibilities include ensuring the safety of the Pride area for visitors and contacting emergency services and/or the police if necessary. You will be carrying a walkie talkie as you patrol the pride area and will be responsible for helping with non-life threatening first aid, CPR and minor disturbances. There will also be police officers, paramedics and security guards on site that you can turn to if needed.

Pride park: Responsibilities include answering questions from visitors and making sure only people with the right access can enter backstage. Other responsibilities include helping exhibitors/performers, counting the number of visitors and participating in the activities organized at the activities tent. Vid etablering och avetablering av parken ingår även en del bärande. At Pride park, volunteers also get to help the artists at the backstage.

Pride editorial team: Responsibilities include visiting different events/venues and participating in the pride festival, writing content, taking photographs and publishing articles or photographs on West Pride’s social media channels throughout the festival.

West Pride Young: West Pride Young has its own tent at the Pride Park and main responsibilities include being present at the tent and answering questions from young visitors as well as participate in different activities that take place in the tent. West Pride Young is for those who are between 13 and 25 years old.

Logistics: Responsibilities include running deliveries between different parts of the festival and making sure each part gets what they need. You also get to drive artists and invited guests around. You will mostly be driving and also help carry things around.

The Pride Parade:
Another area we have during West Pride is the Pride Parade which will take place on 15th of June. Here we need extra volunteers and it is possible to register as a volunteer for only this day or volunteer both in the parade and in another area. The responsibilities in the parade include, among other things, following the instructions shared via walkie talkies, leading a part of the parade, making sure no one is injured by vehicles during the parade, carrying flags and stopping/directing traffic.

This area is West Pride’s assistance pool and as a volunteer you can choose another area in addition to accessibility. Site managers responsible from accessibility, you yourself and your site manager in the other area where you are volunteering will decide a schedule that works for both areas. Responsibilities in this area depend on what your skills are and what those who ask for assistance need help with. For example, it might include accompanying someone to events, helping someone find their way between events throughout the festival or opening doors and moving obstacles for someone in a wheelchair. As with all the other areas, you work in pairs in this area.

Specifika önskemål eller information: 
No specific previous experience or training is required to be a volunteer for West Pride 2019 and we welcome everyone; both LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies (people who support LGBTQIA+ rights). Our only requirements are: · That you stand behind West Pride’s core values · That you are over 18 years of age or over 15 years of age and have a legal guardian’s permission to participate · That you participate in one of the alternative trainings (See below) · You hand in an extract from the criminal records registry. Training day alternatives: Alternative 1: Two half days, Tuesday 14th of May and Thursday 16th of May Alternative 2: A full day, Saturday 25th of May Both trainings are exactly the same in content. It is mandatory to either attend the full day training in alternative 2 or both of the half days in alternative 1. During the training you will get to meet your supervisor and we will go through basic LGBTQIA+ knowledge, safety procedures and what it means to be a volunteer for West Pride.
In order to get meals during your working hours, you must work at least 5 hours on the day in question. To get a goodie bag, you must work a total of at least 15 hours during the festival OR the entire parade day (about 10 hours).
När och var genomförs uppdraget: 
The festival takes place in different places in central Gothenburg. Where exactly you’ll be working depends on which area you are volunteering in. West Pride takes place between 12th and 16th of June. The Pride Parade takes place on the 15th of June – which is also the last day the Pride Park will be open for visitors. Pride House will stay open on the 16th of June for this year’s theme day: Stonewall.
West Pride
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