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Spelens hus is a non-profit organisation which, together with its many member associations runs the physical meeting place ‘Spelens hus’ in Malmö. Behind our creation were the facts that youth of today needs a safe and accessible place to spend their spare time. Gaming, whether digital or analog, is a social hobby, but it can at times be both expensive as well as a challenge to find people to play with. In 2014 the first ever Spelens hus was born and since then we have, together with member associations arranged countless weekly gaming meetups as well as larger events, both on home grounds and external, where thousands of kids, youths and entire families have taken part of the joy of gaming, together. We deal with everything about and around gaming, from analog tabletop gameplay, development of tabletop games, card games, cosplay and larping to digital gaming on platforms like PC or console, live streaming and the latest in Virtual Reality.