Developer to support a sharing movement against food waste


The vision

The food sharing initiative draws upon Solikyl's successful experience of saving tons of food from going to waste in partnership with food shops, bakeries, etc., and sharing this surplus unconditionally in the city of Gothenburg. Also part of and inspired by a global food sharing movement, we want to spread the concept to other Swedish municipalities, a bit similar to how it developed in other European countries. A key component to achieve that is to self-host an instance of a free and open-source platform for groups to organize their activities of food saving and sharing (see Karrot's repo at and its main instance at

Your role

Depending on what skills you can bring to the project, we will decide together on the level of complexity. So far we have three possible scenarios, from the simplest to the most complex:

1. Build a nice looking Wordpress site with the help of a designer.
2. Build the website as a Karrot plugin using Vue.js; or
3. Go wild and get deeper into Karrot development and develop a plugin that enables non-technical users to manage public facing pages

In any case, you will be working together with an experienced designer and, except for the first scenario, with the assistance of Karrot's main developer who is currently developing the plugin system and welcomes inputs into its design.


For the 2nd and 3rd scenarios, you are able to do frontend development on Vue.js + Quasar. It's a plus if you are also a backend developer with knowledge of Python, Django REST framework, and PostgreSQL database.
For the 1st scenario we expect you to be comfortable building Wordpress websites. 

Working with us

You will become part of a team and have the support of experienced people in the fields of IT, design, project management and community organising. We work on equal footing and you WON'T find yourself in an unequal and exploitative position of volunteer labor working for free under the orders of well-paid managers. The project is led entirely by non-paid contributions so far and any possible future financing will be fairly distributed in common agreement with all parts.

Minsta åtagande

Working hours are flexible and the amount will depend on your availability. We can discuss it together, but for now we expect you to dedicate *in average* a few hours a week, more or less depending on the pace of the project and how it fits with your personal life.

När och var sker uppdraget

Most of the work and meetings will be done online so distance work is feasible. It's nice however if you're based in Gothenburg.




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