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We are now looking for two new contact persons for Unicef's volunteer group in Lund. Our volunteer group aims to fight for children's rights at a local level. We create play activities for children, help at language cafes, draw attention to children's rights through manifestations, etc.

As a contact person, your task is to be a link between volunteers and to organize meetings. You will also have contact with representatives from other associations in Lund and manage the group's email inbox and Facebook page.

We are looking for people who are committed to children's rights and want to learn more about UNICEF's work. You should preferably live in Lund (and the surrounding area). As a contact person, you will get to know many new people, gain experience in leading a group and develop yourself. Maybe you see yourself working for the UN in the future, with children or otherwise engaging in children's rights. Getting involved as a volunteer with UNICEF's volunteer team is a great qualification, whatever your future plans. Maybe you have left your career behind and want to spend your free time in a meaningful way? Then the role of a contact person is just as suitable.

Since we have a lot of volunteers from other parts of the world, it is good if you can express yourself well in English!
Don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Welcome with your application!

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Volunteer assignment - approximately 2 h/week

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