Stiftelsen Skåne Stadsmission — Malmö

Support Center for EU-citizens living in a vulnerable social situation


Crossroads is a support center for EU-citizens living in a vulnerable social situation.
We offer breakfast, the opportunity to shower, wash clothes, use a computer and a place to sit and rest for a while with a cup of coffee or tea. 
At Crossroads there are also sociologists working, who offer social and legal support and a nurse to help with health issues and contact with the health care system. 
As a volunteer at Crossroads, you support the staff in their various tasks, but you can also help our visitors with, for example, easy computer use, writing CVs, looking for housing or practicing Swedish.

As a person, you are social and enjoy meeting many different kinds of people. 

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The assignment is placed on weekdays 07.30 - 12.45 and weekends 07.30 - 10.30.




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