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Leader for our Media Team working to empower Sub Saharan social entrepreneurs


Team Media Leader 

Are you looking for an opportunity to volunteer and create change? Are you ready to take on a team building and coordinating role? 
We are looking for a diligent, passionate and organised person to take on the role of a coach and pilot of our media crew. 
This is a critical role within Action10. The Team Media Leader works with a small team of skilled and motivated volunteering communications specialists. 

The tasks and responsibilites of Team Media include 
  • increasing the visibility of Action10 via various platforms such as our own website, fundraising sites and social media
  • communicating with current and potential Donors 
  • developing content and campaigns that create synergies with the work of Team Africa and Team Sweden
  • identifying opportunities, developing initiatives and producing action plans 
  • setting goals for the team
  • managing progress evaluation 

Our Team Leaders’ challenge is to support their Team Members in their work in a hybrid situation. Teams establish their own frameworks for collaboration and convene as they find necessary to maintain momentum. The Team Leaders in particular must also be prepared to communicate ad hoc and expediently via our chat forums.  


In order to ensure a rewarding experience for you as a Team Leader, and success that contributes to our mission, it is essential that you are a strong communicator, fluent in English, have residence in the Stockholm area and hold strong organisational skills. 
Our field of mission is Sub Saharan Africa. Experience from working in Africa or with African organisations/ companies is a plus but not mandatory. Cultural sensitivity, agiility and openness, however, are indispensable qualifications. 
Residence in Stockholm is necessary, as the Team Leaders are members of the Board of Action10, and must be able to regularly attend meetings physically in the Stockholm city centre. The Board convenes every second month, after office hours. Board meeting attendance online is possible by way of exception. 
The requirement of ”organisational skills” covers, among other things, knowledge how to set clear goals, work towards deadlines and evaluate performance. Action10 is implementing a specific progress and outcome mapping methdology, and readiness to work with this standard is a must. 


We kindly ask that you only apply if you are able to join the organisation for a longer volunteer period (preferably 9 - 12 months). On a weekly basis, the Team Leader should be prepared to commit 5-10 hours of independent work in addition to the recurring meetings. 

Is Action10 for you? 

Action10 is a non-profit organisation headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Our vision is a world without poverty. Our mission is to address the challenges expressed by local social entrepreneurs who operate in poor areas that hinder them from implementing their ideas. We aim to work as an equal partner and strive to remain a partner until the project is self-sustained. 
Action10 is operating under the umbrella of Human Rights & Science (HR&S), a social enterprise registered in Sweden. HR&S empowers scientific research, innovation & business through training, coaching, and business loans. Working with Action10 you will learn the same strategies that HR&S has developed for  our Sub Saharan partners. 
Action10 is entirely volunteer driven. Each and everyone of us is deeply committed, because we are in a position where we are relied upon by our fellow volunteers, and the individuals running our projects in Sub-Saharan African countries. 
Do we sound like your kind of organisation? Do you believe that social empowerment and cross cultural understanding is the way to make the world better place? Then be a part of creating change, be a part of Action10. 
We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

Minsta åtagande

5-10 hours per week for a period of 9-12 months.

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On site in Stockholm and online.




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