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We fight poverty by empowering entrepreneurs in Sub-Sahara African countries. We welcome you who have experience from social media.


Action10 is a volunteer driven organisation with 20 volunteer staff members located in Stockholm Sweden. Our vision is a world without extreme poverty and our mission is to support entrepreneurs in Sub-Sahara African countries,

Your contribution

Every volunteer staff member is responsible for a specific task.  
Now we are recruiting for the following tasks:

  • Compiling results from our programmes in Africa.
  • Add content to our social media channels.
  • Caring for our supporters.
  • Arrange events.
  • Reach our to companies for support.

Your profile 

Action10 is a family, and each volunteer staff is appreciated and acknowledged. We meet in person in Stockholm, once a month and on-line with our partners in Africa, once a month. We have a flexible mandate and volunteer staff can bring new ideas and take initiatives, as long as we serve under-served communities in Africa.  We do not have an office nor pay salary to staff members, reason being that we honour our financial contributions and keep the administration costs to the lowest level possible (5%). Therefore, all our volunteer staff are self-driven and are expected to timely deliver on agreed on assignments. It is a demanding position as we have a demanding vision and mission. We raise hope in under-served communities, and it is each staff member's responsibility to do the best we can to meet the expectations. 

Residence in Stockholm is crucial as our in-person meetings brings team-spirit.


  • Four work hours per week, including meetings.
  • Attending our three monthly meetings:
    - 1st Tuesday of the month, 6-8 pm, in person in Stockholm, all volunteer staff.
    - one team meeting, when the team agrees on the time.
    - 1st Saturday in the month, 8-9 (winter) / 9-10 (summer) am, on-line, with partners in Africa.
  • Intention to remain with the organisation for two years or more.
  • Contribute with relevant experience and commitment.

About Action10

Action10 is a non-profit volunteer driven organisation in Stockholm, Sweden. Our vision is a world without poverty. Our mission is to address challenges perceived by local entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan African countries. We work as an equal partner and strive to remain a partner until the project is self-sustained. 

As Action10 is entirely volunteer driven, each and everyone of us is deeply committed, because we are in a position where we are relied upon by our fellow volunteers, our partners running projects in sub-Saharan African countries and under-served communities.

Action10 is operating under the umbrella of Human Rights & Science (HR&S), an enterprise offering social good also registered in Sweden, HR&S empowers scientific research, innovation & business through training, coaching, and business loans. Working with Action10 you will learn the same strategies that HR&S has developed for  our Sub Saharan partners. 


Do we sound like your kind of organisation? Do you believe that business empowerment and cross-cultural understanding is the way to make the world a better place? Then be a part of creating change, be a part of Action10.

In your application we would appreciate to see your motivation for joining, your CV, and if you have, your LinkedIn profile.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Four work hours per week for a period of two years or more. In-person attendance in two meetings per month in Stockholm. On-line attendance in one meeting per month.

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On-site in Stockholm city




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