Volunteering Day at Ågrenska


On the last day of May a group of AstraZeneca employees headed out to a small island outside Gothenburg to help the foundation Ågrenska. The day resulted in two painted houses and a secured low-altitude track.

 Ågrenska is a center for children with rare diseases that is located on a small island outside Gothenburg. At Ågrenska the rare is normal. Since 1914 the foundation has been using the island to welcome children with rare diseases and their families. The organization's purpose is to provide a calm and safe space where families and children with similar diseases receive help, knowledge and a network with other families. 

On the 31st of May a group of AstraZeneca employees helped the foundation to get their island ready for visitors. During the day the group was split in two, where some helped to paint the sauna and the pump house and some secured a low-altitude track by making and putting wood chips on the ground. 

We asked Jennifer and Stefan, two of the participants, about their experiences of the day.
"There are so many experiences. Fresh air, and being able to do something physical and to really make a visible difference. There was a lot of team work on our side. We took turns with the shovelling and the wheelbarrows. Very different from the daily work with the computer", says Jennifer.

"I think that it's absolutely brilliant. That you can get out one day from your normal routines and daily work and also that you exercise at the same time. We work at such a big site and there are so many functions and people that you never really learn to know, and I've gotten to know several different people just today. And to be able to something with a good purpose is just icing on the cake. I really love it", Stefan fills in.

What would you say to a colleague about this day?
"Sign up on the next one! Don't hesitate. You'll meet lots of nice people and do some good charity work," says Stefan. Jennifer nods in agreement and adds: "Even though I know I will have a few emails to get to when I get back to the office, I'm going to have so much more energy". 

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