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Gather together with Save the Children in Malmö! Be our Activity Leader in Jägersbo


Due to the situation in Ukraine, we at Save the Children see a need to expand our operations. At the Swedish Migration Agency's accommodation in Malmö, we have created a child-friendly place and are now looking for more activity leaders to be able to increase our presence. Participating in and leading activities is an exciting challenge, you will have fun and develop yourself, while developing others.

To become a volunteer at Save the Children, you need:
- To present an extract from the Swedish police criminal record
- To carry out our online course Child Safeguarding and sign the policy with the same name
- To read and sign our guidelines for volunteering work
- To read and sign our policy on "Protection against sexual abuse and sexual exploitation"
 - Become a member 

We would greatly appreciate it if you could  (optional):
- Attend the Save the Children intro

Minsta åtagande

How often you hold activities is determined by how many leaders you are who have the opportunity to hold them. It can be anything from once a week, about 2.5 hours at a time, to once a month.

När och var sker uppdraget

The activities are held several days a week in the Swedish Migration Agency's premises in Jägersro.




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