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We look for playful activity leaders for children in Malmö (Save the Children)!


We look for playful activity leaders for children in Malmö! 
As part of the project ”Right to a meaningful leisure time” (Rätt till en meningsfull fritid), we host playful and social activities for children who live in two residential areas located in Northern Malmö. The areas offer accommodation for families who are dealing with the migration process, economic hardship, or living in unstable life situations. Through our activities, we aim to ensure the children maintain their right to play and have leisure time.  
At the activities, we will spend time, play and socialise with the children. Occasionally, we will invite guests from other collaborating partners to host special workshops. Our activities are held at our premises at the housing areas in the afternoon. It can be indoors or outdoors depending on the weather and the needs for the day. 
As volunteer, you will be working as the activity leader. The main tasks are: 1) to take part in play activities and to be with the children during the time of activity, 2) to prepare material and equipment before the activities and to help with the clean-up after. 3) to develop and expand the project together with the project leaders and other volunteers.  

No previous knowledge or special training is required for this particular assignment. We do not have language requirement for the activities. However, we do have requirements for all of our active volunteers. Here are the 5 steps to start as volunteer for Save the Children: 

1. Apply and present an extract from the Swedish police's criminal records: https://polisen.se/tjanster-tillstand/belastningsregistret/barn-annan-verksamhet/ . This can be applied online, through email or post. You will receive the extract in physical post from the police within 1 or 2 weeks, please hand in the unopened envelope to us directly.

2. Complete our online-course Child Safeguarding (Tryggare tillsammans) and send us the certificate of completion (PDF-format) *You need to create a profile here to start the course. Make sure that you choose the language you prefer upon registration. Send us the digital certificate through email.

5. Become our member! With more members in our organisation, we could have a bigger influence on the society and support for children’s rights. From 2024, all active volunteers are required to be members in the respective local branches/lokalföreningar they are volunteering at. For example, a volunteer attending activities in Malmö could register as member at Save the Children Malmö local branch/lokalförening

For more information, please refer to our page (in Swedish): https://www.volontarbyran.org/raddabarnen/nyheter/bli-startklar-som-volontar
We would like you to participate regularly, around 2-4 hours a week. We host activities twice a week (Tuesday from 15:30-18:00  and Thursday from 15:30-17:30).  
We develop and vary our activities based on our volunteers’ interests and strengths. New ideas and suggestions are always welcome! 
Our activities are being held on a weekly basis, so we look for volunteers who could take part regularly. After you have sent in an application, we will contact you through email and provide more details about the volunteering task. You are always welcome to contact us.

**We will contact you through email when we received your application. Be sure to check your spam folder if you did not receive a reply from us in your email inbox**

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Tuesday 15:30-18:00 and Thursday 15:30-17:30. Two housing areas in Northern Malmö. We do not have requirement on how often and how much time you need to participate but we hope that you could join at least 2 times a month on a regular basis.

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Tuesday 15:30-18:00 and Thursday 15:30-17:30. Two housing areas in Northern Malmö.




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