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Get involved for climate justice in Malmö!


Are you passionate about human rights and feel that you want to do more in the fight for a better society? Do you agree that climate change must be both fair and sustainable? Do you also want to meet people who are just as committed as you? Then you should apply to Amnesty's group for climate justice!

Description of the mission
We are currently looking for members to start up a new group that drives the issue of climate justice in Sweden and internationally. A large focus is on indigenous rights and that the green transition must not take place at the expense of their rights. Within Amnesty, we work a lot with opinion formation, do actions in town, carry out lobbying work locally, etc. There will be opportunities to learn more about organizing, lobbying and activism. You work, among other things, by:

  • Carry out opinion-forming work towards the public by, for example, writing debate articles, inviting to seminars and panel discussions, carrying out actions in town, information mailings or participating in lobbying efforts
  • Applying pressure on those in power to achieve change. This is often done through letter writing and lobbying, but can also be done in other creative ways.

Do you want to join the fight for a sustainable and fair society? Apply today!

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2 hours a month

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The members of the group decide together where we meet and where we arrange our activities. The group has both digital meetings and on-site meetings in Amnesty's office in Malmö. Activities are mainly carried out in Malmö.




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