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What is Smarta Kartan?

Smarta Kartan (SK) is the Swedish platform for sharing economy.  We are backed by the community association KES (Kollaborativ Ekonomi Sverige) and SK is its' flagship and a map of community initiatives as well as the entrypoint to the platform. SK wants to make it easier for people to live more sustainably, by encouraging community, new meetings and access over ownership. We do this by showing initiatives and networks. On the map you can, among other things, find bike kitchens, swap groups, clothing swap days, free shops and digital platforms. 

Smarta Kartan is not the Yellow Pages or a list over businesses. SK is about people and communities that share. What we show on the map is highly curated and decided by our criterias that have been agreed between KES  and the participating regions.

Some notes about volunteering at SmartaKartan.se

  • Our organic work lives from your and our all's experience, contribution and, first of all, agency. If you see that something could be improved or better tools be used: Improve things, reach out. Teach us.
  • We strive for creating a great product of highest quality with stable progress. We'd love you to be clear and reliable in your commitments  and communication.
  • In SK, volunteering can feel like working. While it is fun and allows us to be efficient, we have to remember that this is volunteer work. This is your spare time.
  • If you're struggling or having mixed feelings about something, please reach out earlier than later to your mentor or your favorite member of our team!
  • When we meet IRL it's Gothenburg that's the place. But hey, there's the internet! 

The work

We're building the next version 4.0 of Smartakartan right now. You can find the development at https://gitlab.com/kollaborativ-ekonomi-sverige/smartakartan/ and a preview at https://beta.smartakartan.se.
Feel free to play around and test this new version. Please note that changes made in this panel here will be overwritten at some point. We need specifik help with front end. Because.. yeah look at it!

SK4.0 in the oven

Minsta åtagande

One meeting á 30 minutes. From there we find the right level of commitment.

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Even though we would love to meet you in the body suit, this could be an online only volunteering relation.


We speak french, swedish, german and some other languages too.




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